l3py - L3 Products in Python

What is l3py

l3py is a free Open Source software package for computing mass anomalies from time variable gravity field solutions. It is tailored for products of the GRACE mission and its successor GRACE-FO.

The features of l3py are:

  • File I/O for common data formats including GFC files and COARDS compliant netCDF
  • Basic arithmetic operations for sets of potential coefficients
  • Propagation of spherical harmonic coefficients to gridded mass anomalies
  • Spatial filtering of potential coefficients


l3py.io File I/O for gravity field representations and gridded data.
l3py.grid Point distributions on the ellipsoid.
l3py.gravityfield Representations of Earth’s gravity field.
l3py.filter Spatial filters for post-processing of potential coefficients.
l3py.utilities Auxiliary functions.
l3py.kernel Isotropic harmonic integral kernels.